Analytics and Institutional Reporting

The Analytics and Institutional Reporting team uses data science and visualization to inform both internal and external Weill Cornell Medicine constituents. Our expertise and access to data across departments uniquely positions us to provide agile analytic support while overseeing the centralization of institutional data. Our team also provides information and analysis for major projects and initiatives, mandatory reports, ad hoc requests and grant applications.

Weill Cornell Medicine Institutional Reporting Strategy

Our Mission
Drive Weill Cornell Medicine goals and objectives with data.

Our Vision
Inform decision-making personnel, with imminently accessible information.

Our Strategy
Provide agile analytic support for the entirety of Weill Cornell Medicine, using data visualization and statistics to answer important business questions.

WCM Facts and Reports

Medical and Graduate School Deans

Deans timeline

A complete historical timeline of Weill Cornell...


Tuition rates throughout the history of Weill Cornell Medical College

Analytics and Institutional Reporting Policies

Center and Institute Approval

To obtain approval for a new center or institute, please review the approval process and complete this form.

Data, Report and Analytics Requests

If you have a request for institutional data, report or analysis, please submit your request with this form. A team member will get back to you within a few business days. 

Organizational Unit/Fund Center Requests

To create, change or close an organizational unit or fund center, complete our form.


How do I request a new organizational unit or fund center?

How do I request institutional data?

Submit a data request.

How do I submit a request to form a new center or institute?

Refer to the center and institute approval policy.

I am working on behalf of an external organization and need to find the contact for a survey that we are administering. Who should I ask?

Please contact the Office of Institutional Reporting:

Where can I find the survey schedule?


Susan Vuong
Senior Director, Analytics & Inst'l Reporting
Maya Kuiava
Manager, Data Research & Analytics
Weining Zhang
Senior Data Analyst
Erin Stafford
Institutional Data Analyst
Yeiro Rodriguez
Business Analyst
Jane Suh
Institutional Data Analyst

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