Staff Directory


Scott Puccino
AVP, Financial Planning and Institutional Reporting
Nadeige Fortune
Senior Operations Coordinator
Ekua Brown
Staff Secretary

Divisions & Services

Budget & Institutional Resources

Andrew Rosenau
Director, Budget & Institutional Resources
Galo Almeida
Financial Reporting Analyst
Christopher Donnelly
Budget & Reporting Analyst
James Mboje
Manager, Budget & Reporting Operations
Alexandra Munoz
Budget & Reporting Analyst I
Carissa Wilkins
Budget & Reporting Analyst

Business Process Solutions

Thomas Blair
Senior Director, Administration, Research Integrity Officer
Carolyn Baron
Process Analyst
Laurencia Duah
Process Specialist
Danielle Gaibor
Director, Business Transformation & Strategy
Mayra Velasquez
Process Analyst

Financial Aid

Alicia Stewart
Director, Financial Aid
Susan Vuong
Director, Business Planning and Strategy
Caitlin Marziliano
Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Financial Management

Edward Walsh
Senior Director, Financial Management
Amenophis Faussett
Manager, Conflicts & Compliance
Rosanna Li
Financial Analyst
Julie Wong
Assistant Director, Financial Management

Financial Resources & Analysis

Andrew Rosenau
Director, Budget & Institutional Resources
Fernando Carrillo
Financial Analyst
Cecilia Rosas
Financial Manager
James Sisnett
Assistant Manager, General Accounting

Institutional Reporting

Susan Vuong
Director, Business Planning & Strategy
Rachael Han
Institutional Data Analyst
Ruby Karki
Data Planning Analyst
Dillon Kuiava
Manager, Data Research & Analytics
Weining Zhang
Institutional Data Analyst

Risk Management

Joyce Bowes
Director, Risk Management & Insurance
Jennifer Chavis
Associate Director, Risk Management & Insurance

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