Staff Directory


Scott Puccino
AVP, Financial Planning and Institutional Reporting
Nadeige Fortune
Senior Operations Coordinator
Ekua Brown
Staff Secretary

Divisions & Services

Budget & Institutional Resources

Andrew Rosenau
Director, Budget & Institutional Resources
Galo Almeida
Financial Reporting Analyst
Christopher Donnelly
Budget & Reporting Analyst
James Mboje
Manager, Budget & Reporting Operations
Alexandra Munoz
Budget & Reporting Analyst I
Carissa Wilkins
Budget & Reporting Analyst

Business Process Solutions

Thomas Blair
Senior Director, Administration, Research Integrity Officer
Carolyn Baron
Process Analyst
Laurencia Duah
Process Specialist
Danielle Gaibor
Director, Business Transformation & Strategy
Mayra Velasquez
Process Analyst

Financial Aid

Alicia Stewart
Director, Financial Aid
Caitlin Marziliano
Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Financial Management

Edward Walsh
Senior Director, Financial Management
Amenophis Faussett
Manager, Conflicts & Compliance
Rosanna Li
Financial Analyst
Julie Wong
Assistant Director, Financial Management

Financial Resources & Analysis

Andrew Rosenau
Director, Budget & Institutional Resources
Fernando Carrillo
Financial Analyst
Cecilia Rosas
Financial Manager
James Sisnett
Assistant Manager, General Accounting

Institutional Reporting and Analytics

Susan Vuong
Senior Director, Institutional Reporting & Analytics
Rachael Han
Institutional Data Analyst
Dillon Kuiava
Manager, Data Research & Analytics
Weining Zhang
Institutional Data Analyst

Risk Management

Joyce Bowes
Director, Risk Management & Insurance
Jennifer Chavis
Associate Director, Risk Management & Insurance

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