Organizational Unit/Fund Center Requests

Use the  PDF icon Organizational Unit/Fund Center Request Form if you need to:

  • Create a new organizational unit or fund center.
  • Change the lineage or hierarchy of an existing organizational unit or fund center.
  • Close an organizational unit or fund center.

Submit the completed form to

All newly created PDFs on this website are accessible. For accessible versions of archival PDFs, please contact us.

Guiding Principles for Creating Organization Structures (as of September 2019):

1. The organization structure for a department reflects the department’s positions and their relationships. It is defined by people or activities that are grouped together because they have similar functions, specialties, skills or resources.

2. An organization (org) unit is a defined structure created for the purposes of grouping people and their activities.

  • For example: an organization unit called “Cardiology” under the Department of Medicine will reflect the people and activities associated with this business line.

Other examples:

Academic departments – basic or clinical departments approved by any of WCM’s boards/committees

Centers & Institutes – any such entity approved by the Dean/Board/leadership

Administrative departments – primary function is to provide central support to the overall College

Affiliates – entities in which WCM has a current or past affiliation (for historical references/reporting)

Education programs – org units should be created at the program level for all degree granting programs

  • An organization unit will often have WCM employees, but there may be exceptions.
  • This should be created at the lowest level of need (for reporting, workflow, access, etc.)
  • An organization unit is assigned the following:

A unique CSID code (5-digit alphanumberic code)

A unique SAP org unit code (8-digit numeric code)

3. A fund center is created when there are funds and/or sponsored programs associated with an organization unit. There may be a substantial overlap between fund centers and organization units.

  • Every fund center created must have an associated org unit.
  • If an org unit has a fund center, then the fund center name must match the org unit name.
  • A fund center is assigned a unique 10-digit numeric code for all SAP activities.

4. Naming conventions for organization units and fund centers:

  • At level 1, the department’s full name should be spelled out.
  • If the official/legal name includes a donor’s name, the name should be vetted by External Affairs.
  • All naming conventions should be uniquely and clearly identifiable by its name or delineation.
  • When naming labs, the PI’s full name will be used.

5. Organization changes will sometimes require changes in a department’s organization structure. Due to the potential of complicating security and workflow issues, please contact the Office of Institutional Reporting before submitting any changes. 


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