Center and Institute Approval

To obtain approval for a new center or institute:

  1. Review the PDF icon Description and Approval Process for Centers and Institutes (last updated May 18, 2020).
  2. Prepare a formal charter that describes the purpose of the center or institute.
  3. Prepare other supporting materials that explain the proposed center or institute's goals, projects, importance, added value, timeline, major milestones, funding sources, proposed leadership and expected challenges.
  4. Complete the Centers and Institutes Submission Form. You will be prompted to upload your formal charter (from step two) and any supporting documents (from step three).
  5. The form will be reviewed by the dean and a committee, as described in the approval process document. A response will be sent to the requester once a decision has been made.

This information is intended to supplement guidance related to centers and institutes issued by the secretary/university counsel’s office on January 17, 2014, that provides working definitions of various Weill Cornell Medicine entities to aid in the creation and naming of new entities and outlines their appropriate approval processes and corresponding benefits, in order to create a distinct set of characteristics for each entity type to create consistency across the institution.

These procedures only apply to academic, scientific and clinical centers and institutes. Administrative entities such as the HR Onboarding Center and ITS Service Center are not the subject of this policy and are subject to approval solely by the executive vice provost.

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